An ideal place for conducting workshops, seminars, conferences or meetings, the banquets - Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Rooftop at Poolside seat upto 100 people. They come fully loaded with state of the art facilities like video conferencing, LCD projector and sound and light systems. Our professional staff and mindful business arrangements foster a convivial atmosphere for business exchanges.


A stylish, elegant and fully equipped state-of-the-art Banquet Hall to make that special event a pleasurable and memorable one. This Banquet Hall is ideally suited for a host of different occasions which could be for Business or Family.


Leboa, the small meeting hall located at trooftop, specialy design for the small business / corporate meetings & conference with highspeed of wi-fi connectivity, the hall can accommodate upto 25 pax.

Rooftop at Poolside

Rooftop by the Poolside is not just a banquet hall but a place where one can enjoy a great cuisine, an excellent view and above all a pleasurable experience which is rare to find anywhere else. Being a rooftop restaurant is in its self is a unique feeling.